All Signature Styles include wash, blow dry, and style. Download our menu card, here!

The Foxtrot

Elegant, smooth and sleek. Blow out with a flat iron finish.

The Waltz

Easy, breezy. Traditional blow out with just a bit of bounce.

The Charleston

Lots of movement, energy and hop. For the chicks who want big volume, southern style!

The Shimmy

Tousled and textured… if you want to shake it up!

The Lindy Hop

Swingy, airy, and beachy. You’ll be bouncing outta here with these waves!

The Boogie Woogie

Freestyle and improv. Let your stylist choose!

The Jive

Feeling slightly uncontrolled? Try lots of loose curls with your blow out!

The Hokey Pokey

Blow dry and style for your little princess. That’s what it’s all about!